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Why a Home Inspection Report is Important

Inspection periods are the primary time deadlines that must be adhered to. In Minnesota a home inspection report is recommended by the finance company, lending institution, or your agent, as a rule but all home sellers pay for a home inspection by an independent, trained individual known as a home inspector. 

Home inspectors examine homes for defects that could become problems in the future. They review the title, insurance, and structural validity of the building. Inspections are broad in scope and cover many areas of the building including the roof, siding, exterior facing, foundation, interior, heating and cooling, insulation, appliances, portals, basement, or foundation. Inspection reports are valuable in revealing information about the properties currently on the market. They offer valuable information regarding the past trading history of the home, along with current statistics of livable space, along with all the disclosure statements required by state law. 

It is always recommended to have the home inspected prior to placing it on the market. A home inspection is a way to ensure a home is worth the asking price and offers peace of mind for the home seller. When becoming a home owner you need to be aware of the possible defects that exist in homes that may turn out to be a regret at the end of the day. Most importantly, you require to ensure the safety standards of the home meet adequate protection for your family’s safety and health. Plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems are checked and typically are deemed in satisfactory condition by the inspector. 

Systems deemed important, such as the furnace or having a basement, have an effect on the overall condition of the home, as these are crucial items to the overall functionality of the home, as well as your safety. One area that has taken a while to develop appreciation in is heating and cooling systems. 

In most cases, these systems are not covered in standard inspections, raising many questions for sellers. Pest inspections are also important, especially if you plan to resell whileippers or any other pest inspections are to be done and you must be informed of what is to be done to replace the structural damage that was caused by the infestation. Termite inspections, for home sellers, are very typical and necessary.