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Suddenly fall in mid-air, scared half to death, see how the fall arrest device to save lives!

Some time ago on the Internet there is a video received a lot of attention, a certain scenic spot a tourist is experiencing high altitude extreme amusement project , you can see a steel bridge between the cliffs, but the bridge is composed of intervals of wooden planks, the interval is no wooden planks below the abyss.

The tourist passed quickly on the bridge, when just to the end of the moment, the safety rope on the back suddenly unhooked, so that people who saw the video are gutted. Although the scenic area also issued a statement saying that this is a marketing tool, but people still have to feel the aftermath of this dangerous behavior.

Fall Arrestor

In the high altitude operation, in order to ensure the safety are mandatory to use safety protection equipment, usually use is the belt type or half body type safety belt, this layer of safety protection, safety belt on only a hook, no buffer, if once from a high fall, belt type or half body type safety belt is easy to the person’s lumbar spine and other parts of the injury.

And the use of ordinary seat belt, there will be safety clearance distance is not enough, or frequent use of seat belt hook affects the efficiency of work, in order to solve these problems, can use the fall arrester.

The fall arrester is also known as the speed difference fall arrester, is a kind of product that can play a protective role for personnel when falling from a height.

The working principle of self-locking fall arrester

We often see some workers in the special work at height, the body will be tied to the safety rope, but also installed a special self-locking fall arrester to prevent a sudden fall from height, so as to ensure the safety of personnel.

The self-locking fall arrester can lock itself immediately when the personnel suddenly and quickly fall, and in normal use will move randomly along the safety rope, but when the fall arrester suddenly moves, the fall arrester will automatically lock in the safety rope, so as to achieve the system to stop the lock.

This kind of fall arrester can achieve automatic locking, mainly by the internal gear, when moving upward, the brake gear is not rotating, but in the process of falling will rotate along the safety rope, when the human body falls, self-locking device using eccentric cam braking principle, quickly lock in the vertical safety rope, so as to avoid the human body continue to fall.

The working principle of speed difference fall arrester

When there is no solid structure above the operating point for the fixed safety rope, in the operating platform temporarily can not be set up, but also inconvenient to use the safety belt, you can use the differential fall arrester, it is also to the high altitude work protection of the supplement and perfect.

The speed difference fall arrester is mainly composed of suspension system and fall arrest braking system, suspension system is composed of hook, nylon rope and telescopic safety rope, fall arrest braking system is mainly composed of shell, ratchet, steel belt and pawl.

The speed difference fall arrester uses the object falling speed difference to quickly brake and lock the falling object within the set distance, and requires high hanging and low use.

When using only need to lanyard tied in the above solid blunt edge of the structure, the fall arrester on the wire rope on the iron hook into the safety belt on the semicircle ring can be used.

In the use radius, that is, when the normal use, the steel wire rope relies on the internal steel belt and realize the free expansion, in the internal mechanism under the action, in the half tension state, make the operator have the safety guarantee.

In case of losing footing and falling, the pull-out speed of the safety rope will be obviously accelerated, and the internal pawl will catch the fast rotating ratchet wheel, so as to realize automatic locking, so that the pull-out length of the safety rope will not exceed 0.2m, so that it will not cause harm to the falling personnel.

When the person stops falling rapidly, which means the safety hazard is lifted, the internal mechanism of the fall arrester is unlocked and will automatically resume work again.

The speed differential fall arrester adopts the structure of double locking, locking stability, high safety factor, good reliability, can effectively solve the accident caused by sudden fall when working at height.

The gif in the article is taken from Youtube “ASAP ASAP LOCK Mobile fall arrester for rope”.

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