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What is pipe?

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There are many rules and ways for making a success of your own foreign currency investments. The game rules are the same in Forex as in casino games: the more you trade the smarter your chances are at making a profit. Your chance of making a success depend on how many transactions you make and how you make them.

Short position means you sell something before learning the price of the currency pair. You gain a small margin of profit usually 25 to 50pips. This means that if you open the price check your profitMargin is automatically commanded to return to your balance. Opening a long position means you buy something at low price research and sell it at high price before learning the price. You gain a bigger margin of profit which is 100pips. The profit and the margin are bothetermined by the currency interest rate.

Learning about Margin requirements is important in foreign exchange currency trading. The prices of currency are affected by a number of factors. One of them is fundamental analysis where you determine the interest rate, the volume of the currency traded, the economy, and so on.

The virtual margin is always simulated online so you can see how it would work in real market. When you open a real account and you make simulated capital you are in charge of your money and all its future transactions while you are doing other businesses and so on.

The other kind of margin requirement is additional deposited margin, this means you take a loan and make available extra funds science because you have additional tax written into your financial records. You must pay taxes on all your earnings. You must sign a disclaimers agreement for this and also provide information about the company and its financial records.