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Wrought Iron Fence Panel and Gate

Wrought Iron Fence Panel and Gate is widely used in our production and life, such as garden fence, highway fence, municipal fence and so on. In many cities popular private villas and courtyard fences, mostly wooden panels. By the fence plate, horizontal belt plate, fence post three parts. General height between 0.5 ~ 2 meters. Modeling varies, generally decorative, simple protection as the main purpose of installation, very popular in Europe and the United States.


Wrought Iron Fence Panel and Gate is mainly used for highway, highway, highway next to the bridge on both sides of the protective belt as a fence, can also be used in the airport, port, wharf security protection, municipal construction of parks, lawns, zoos, pools and lakes, roads, residential areas of isolation and protection, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment places of protection and decoration products, etc.

Selection of Wrought Iron Fence Panel and Gate

For the purchase of iron fence products, first of all, from the material of welded wire mesh, mesh material is good or bad directly affects the practicality of the finished fence, quality is up to standard.

First is how to choose the fence mesh, mesh is welded from different specifications of wire, the quality of the wire directly affects the mesh, in the selection of wire should be selected from the regular manufacturers of high-quality coil pull out of the finished wire;.

Next is the mesh welding or preparation process, this aspect is mainly to see the technical staff and good production machinery between the skilled technology and operating ability, a good mesh is every welding or preparation point can be well connected. Then is the fence frame material should be selected with high quality angle steel and round steel, in different fence use on the choice of angle steel and round steel should be different. Then is the overall spraying should pay attention to the uniformity of the spraying, there is the quality of the paint is also crucial.


1, fence column specifications, tube wall thickness.
2, the mesh frame size, mesh frame specification size.
3, the wire warp of the mesh, the size of the mesh hole. Avoid manufacturers to cut corners in the production process.