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What are the types of iron art and how to calculate the cost?

We generally say iron art refers to iron fence posts, including indoor staircase guardrails, outdoor security windows, fence railings. Mainly used in architecture, garden, furniture decoration.

From the material and processing method of iron art is divided into

1、Flat iron flower

Flat iron as the main material, with manual machine cold bending operation as the main process. Restricted by the process end trim rarely, poor process performance, poor decorative performance.

2, cast iron iron art

Grey cast iron as the main material, through the way of casting as the main process. Therefore, it is possible to form

a variety of patterns at one time, and the decorative properties are very strong. It is one of the main forms of iron art. However, due to the poor toughness of gray cast steel, so the flower shape is easy to break. And most of the castings are formed by sand mold, so the surface is rough. It has poor weldability and durability.

3、Wrought iron art

Low-carbon steel profiles as the main raw material, the main process of surface tying, mechanical bending, die forging, a variety of

decorative patterns, but the production process is complex, many processes, so the cost is high. However, the use of standardized, batch production of forged parts can reduce costs.

The cost of iron art is affected by the following aspects

1, the impact of the iron art process, flat iron flower is Cheap Wrought Iron Fence, followed by cast iron iron art, the most expensive is wrought iron iron art.

2, the complexity of the flower type, how about the quality of the materials used, whether you need to customize. The more complex the flower pattern, the higher the cost of nature, if there is no ready-made mass production flower pattern need to customize, the cost is even higher.

3, the height of the railing. The higher the height, the higher the natural material cost.

4, indoor and outdoor is also a big difference, outdoor wind and sun anti-rust anti-aging must be done, or after a while will be very difficult to see.

5, the thickness of the paint. This is estimated that the general public do not understand. Cast iron, wrought iron iron art will inevitably face the problem of rust, unless the use of stainless steel or aluminum, which is a separate topic. To prevent rusting of iron art, paint is needed, and the thickness of the paint will determine the degree of resistance to rusting. The thickness of the paint is fixed, so the greater the thickness, the greater the number of coats needed, doubling the amount of paint and doubling the labor.

To sum up, the cost of iron art is influenced by many aspects and needs to be weighed from many angles. Cheap 100 / square meter can be done, expensive thousands / square meter is also possible. In general, about 300 or so can meet the requirements.

The process is to provide drawings to the ironwork provider or use existing drawings, then the size, and finally the selection of materials. Billing method if it is wrought iron craft steel cost can be calculated according to the “railing system, railing painting” quota. If it belongs to the cast iron fancy railings generally do not set the quota calculation, according to the market price calculation.