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What are the new building materials?

The trend of building materials is nothing more than insulation, energy saving and waterproof green direction, there is the use of harsh environment, such as corrosion resistance, frost resistance and other functions of building material. A few examples:

  • Concrete, is a more traditional building material, and now some concrete mixed with waste slag is being developed (recycling, Consumption reduction), some special functional concrete (such as islands and reefs construction, etc.), high-performance concrete admixtures (concrete key technologies, domestic lower-end).
  • Glass, is mainly used in the construction of some optical coating glass, such as heat preservation and energy saving.
  • Paint, building waterproof, building insulation, corrosion and other aspects of a wide range of uses.
  • Some other wall materials, like plaster board, rock wool board, there are other fire insulation function of the composite board.

What new materials have been successfully used in recent years?

In the construction site these years contact with new materials and new technology is really too little, and there is no innovation. The only one I think is good and should be vigorously promoted is: aluminum template.
Aluminum mold was born in the United States more than 50 years ago, and has been widely used in developed countries in Europe and America. Even in Brazil, India and other developing countries are also booming, in China aluminum mold development only a few years, but also quickly got the recognition of many builders, vanke, the prefix these are in large numbers began to use aluminum template system. Aluminum formwork is an architectural formwork made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy formwork system has the convenience of installation and removal, and the turnover times can reach 120 times. The appearance quality of concrete can reach the effect of fair-faced concrete, and its flatness and verticality meet the requirements of quality acceptance specifications. It is an energy saving and environmental protection product promoted by the Ministry of Construction.
Aluminum mold is in the process of aluminum alloy template processing, add peroxide treatment and powder spraying technology, effectively solve the aluminum mold initial application stage high temperature oxidation of concrete surface porosity, surface, peeling quality defects. The appearance quality of concrete is guaranteed and the overall quality of the project is improved. Now more and more projects require fair-faced concrete fair-wall, not plastering, which is a good opportunity for aluminum mold to come in handy. In terms of cost, the utility model saves material and labor cost of plastering mortar. The relatively high cost of aluminum mold can also be tolerated. The wooden template can be installed, dismantled and installed about ten times, and the loss is particularly large, while the aluminum model can reach dozens of times or even more, which also saves the cost. In addition, for large projects and companies that want to be the first to create excellence, the engineering effect is good.

Compared with the conventional gluing formwork, the aluminum alloy formwork has the following characteristics:

  1. Environmental protection, timber conservation and forest conservation;
  2. The template can be reused many times, and the surface can be formed well.
  3. Minimum size error;
  4. Less debris, easy to pile up;
  5. The construction of less garbage, conducive to civilized construction.

Finally, talk about the aluminum formwork process, compared to glued wood formwork is produced by the factory uniform size pulled to the site cutting processing is different, Aluminum mold is a private custom, that is to say, according to the engineering drawings in the computer modeling, based on modeling data in the factory design and processing according to drawings completely customized template, Segmented packing, according to the number pulled to the construction site, site by aluminum mold factory professional and technical personnel guide installation, you can think about this to the site after almost no excess waste and cutting, just need to map construction on OK. Because of this, the BIM projects promoted by the construction industry in recent years have come in handy. Modeling with BIMM is more convenient and efficient to directly design the size and installation of aluminum formwork.