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2022 The 3rd China Green Building and New Materials Expo

The construction industry is a pillar industry of the national economy. In recent years, my country’s construction industry has continued to develop rapidly, the industrial scale has been continuously expanded, and the construction capacity has been continuously enhanced. The total output value of the construction industry in 2020 will reach 26.4 trillion yuan, which strongly supports the sustainable and healthy development of the national economy. In recent years, the industrialization and intelligent construction of new buildings in Shandong Province have been advancing rapidly. The provincial government has promulgated green building promotion measures, and a total of 443 million square meters of green buildings have been built. In order to fully implement the new development concept of the construction industry, create a new business card for the building materials industry, and promote enterprises to build industry brands, the 3rd China (Linyi) Green Building and New Materials Expo will be held at Linyi International on March 3-5, 2022. The Expo Center was grandly held. The basic situation of the exhibition is as follows:

  1. Introduction to the exhibition
    Support Units:

Linyi Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau

Lanshan District People’s Government


Shandong Building Materials Industry Association

Shandong Concrete and Cement Products Association

Shandong Freed International Exhibition Group


Shandong Freed International Exhibition Group


Linyi Construction Industry Association

Linyi Real Estate Association

Linyi New Wall Materials Industry Association

Linyi Decoration Industry Association

Linyi Construction Industry Products Association

Linyi Flooring Industry Association

Linyi Concrete and Ready-Mixed Mortar Industry Association